Reflow skin builds on Twitter Bootstrap and supports predefined and custom Bootstrap themes. They are set using the <theme> element in the customization:


There are several options for the <theme> value:

  • default

    (Default: will be used if <theme> is not set).

    Default Bootstrap theme (version 2.1.1). The default theme (with minor customizations) is used for this website.

    The default Bootstrap theme is loaded from the BootstrapCDN Content Delivery Network, which improves website loading by hosting the Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript files.

  • site

    A customized (local) Bootstrap theme. This option should be used when a custom Bootstrap theme is developed and included with the Maven site. The theme expects the following Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript files to be available in src/site/resources:

    • css/bootstrap.min.css
    • css/bootstrap-responsive.min.css
    • js/bootstrap.min.js

    The files can be customized and generated at Bootstrap’s Customize page.

  • bootswatch-*

    One of free Bootstrap themes from Bootswatch. Append the lowercase theme name in the Bootswatch gallery, e.g. bootswatch-readable.

    Bootswatch themes (version 2.1.0) are loaded from the BootstrapCDN Content Delivery Network.

    Preview full themes at the Bootswatch gallery, or check out several examples of Reflow skin using Bootswatch themes below.

All theme images above are from the Bootswatch gallery.

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Version: 1.1.1. Last Published: 2014-06-22.

Reflow Maven skin by Andrius Velykis.