Reflow Maven skin utilises content delivery networks (CDN) for a number of CSS and JavaScript resources. These include Bootstrap files, themes, the jQuery library, etc. The reuse of popular resources via CDN provides better performance. However, such resources may not be accessible when the site is used in an offline/intranet setting.

To support such deployments of Reflow skin, the configuration allows using local resources. Furthermore, custom resources can also be easily added to the generated website. These include newer versions of the used libraries as well as arbitrary scripts.

Local Bootstrap & jQuery

Requires Reflow Maven skin ≥ v1.1.0.

To force the generated site use only local CSS/JavaScript resources, use the <localResources> flag:

  • true - Locally provided Bootstrap and jQuery files will be used in the generated site, not the CDN versions. This forces site Bootstrap theme, which uses local Bootstrap files. Furthermore, other non-local resources such as highlight.js are disabled and their local versions need to be added manually. See below for the list of files that need to be available locally.

  • false (default) - CDN delivered resources are used, where available.

Note that when using <localResources>, you need to provide the necessary local versions of Bootstrap and jQuery files. Reflow skin does not package the default files at the moment, mainly because overriding packaged files is not possible at the moment (see issue MSITE-702). Therefore it is easier to get appropriate Bootstrap files directly from the customiser or Bootswatch and use them with the Reflow skin. Furthermore, such approach allows you to customise the Bootstrap and jQuery versions used. Use at your own risk, however, as major version changes are likely to break the website!

When using <localResources>, the following files need to be available in the corresponding directories within your project’s src/site/resources folder:

  • css/bootstrap.min.css - Reflow skin currently uses Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • css/bootstrap-responsive.min.css - Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • js/bootstrap.min.js - Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • js/jquery.min.js - jQuery 1.9.1
  • js/html5.js - HTML5 support for IE6-8, get it from here.

For multi-module site, remember to enable resource reuse flag, otherwise these files will have to be repeated for each sub-module.

Additional CSS files

Additional CSS files (or other resources) can be added to the page head using <body><head> configuration in the site.xml site descriptor. This configuration is available to all Maven site skins and is part of the standard site descriptor configuration.

The <head> element allows arbitrary XHTML, which will be injected in the generated page. Also, it can be used for custom (local or remote) versions of hard-coded Reflow skin resources. For example, to use a custom version of highlight.js syntax highlighting, you can disable the default configuration (<highlightJs>false</highlightJs>) and add the relevant CSS and JavaScript manually:

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
      <script src=""></script>

Note: the <head> element is within <body>, not <custom> element of site.xml site descriptor.

Furthermore, the injected XHTML allows using Velocity variables. Therefore you can reuse a local version of the library by indicating its path with a $resourcePath variable, e.g.:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="$resourcePath/css/default.min.css">

Additional JavaScript files

Requires Reflow Maven skin ≥ v1.1.0.

JavaScript files can be added to the page head together with CSS files. However, for performance reasons, it can be better to reference JavaScript files at the end of the document. To place custom XHTML at the end of the page (before the </body> tag), use the <endContent> element, which also supports Velocity variables, e.g.:

      <script src="$resourcePath/js/highlight.min.js"></script>

Note: the <endContent> element is specific to Reflow skin and needs to be placed within the <custom><reflowSkin> element.

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Version: 1.1.1. Last Published: 2014-06-22.

Reflow Maven skin by Andrius Velykis.