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To use Reflow skin in your Maven site, add it to site.xml:


Furthermore, the skin requires accompanying Reflow Velocity tools as a dependency as well as Apache Velocity 1.7. Add them as dependencies to maven-site-plugin.

Full usage instructions »

Responsive layouts

Write your pages in APT or Markdown, then restructure them using Reflow skin layouts:

  • Carousel - spinning image slideshow
  • Thumbnails - showcase your image gallery
  • Columns - multi-column text
  • Sidebar - wrap into a sidebar
  • Body - text as it has been written

Partition the page into sections using <hr/> elements, and define preferred layouts for each section in site.xml. Reflow skin is responsive thanks to Bootstrap, so the layouts will be rearranged automatically for readability on small screens.

Read more about layouts in the documentation »


The skin theme can be switched easily: just select a Bootstrap theme to give an easy makeover for your Maven site.

Need to change something? Extend the skin with custom site.css file in your project, and reuse it for multi-module site.

How to select a theme »


Reflow is very configurable: many features and components can be disabled, and optional enhancements enabled using configuration in site.xml:

  • Table of contents - display ToC for each page: top bar or sidebar
  • Menus - filter Maven menus and select what to display in top or bottom navigation
  • Code highlight - syntax colouring for code snippets
  • Image preview - display images in pop-ups
  • and more

Check out the documentation for all the features. Every configuration option can be applied on a per-page basis!

Velocity tools

Reflow skin provides custom Velocity tools library to be used in Maven site template:

  • SkinConfigTool - convenient access to custom configuration options (global and per-page)
  • HtmlTool - query and modify HTML text
  • URITool - use Java URIs in the template

To enable these tools for any skin, add reflow-velocity-tools dependency to maven-site-plugin in the POM.

Read more about usage and browse the Javadoc »

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Version: 1.1.1. Last Published: 2014-06-22.

Reflow Maven skin by Andrius Velykis.